Icebound: Dawn of an Ice Age

What came before: the beginning


I keep talking about posting something about Frederick’s backstory here; and I keep running into the brain-dead syndrome where I come home after work and feel so brain-dead that I don’t jot anything down. So I bit the bullet and set down a very short bit of backstory to show Frederick’s life’s trajectory before he became a spiritually corrupted hermit; the first of more, I hope. Without further ado…

The hall was dark, lit only by the gentle light of three candles, set to represent the threefold path of light. Masters of the art flanked the students to either side, silent and faceless in the dimness. Silence stretched the tension of the room taut; despite his anxiety, Frederick kept still and silent as the rest. He would not shame himself or his teachers by breaking the edged peace of the room. Finally, arch meister Lleylan raised his head to regard the students assembled before him. Lleylan had always tended towards the laconic and today was no exception. He said nothing but merely nodded his head once. The room seemed to exhale as one as the assembled students received their final confirmation: this class would graduate in its entirety. None of them had been found lacking in the will and discipline needed to wield magic in the service of their king. The class had seen its challenge through and a new coterie of the mystic arts had been formed. Frederick knew that this was the beginning of something great for him. While he’d never doubted that he would pass this test, having that truth confirmed filled him with a welling of pride. In the name of his king, he would bring light, peace and hope to the darkest corners of the world. His name would be sung by minstrels across the land as being synonymous with righteousness. Frederick permitted himself the briefest of smiles despite the solemn setting of the assembly hall. Nothing would come between him and his destiny.


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